2016 Past Papers

Semester Year Subject
2016 Second Semester 1 British and American Literature
English Literature 2 (pt)
Intermediate Reading and Vocabulary Development
Listening Skills 2
Practical and Professional Writing 2
Practical Phonology 2
2 Advanced Business English 1
Advanced Business English 2
Advance Professional Writing 4
Advance Reading and Vocabulary Development
Educational Measurement
Educational Psychology
English Language Teaching Methodology 2 (ft)
English Language Teaching Methodology 2 (pt)
English Language Teaching Methodology 2
English Literature 4 (pt)
Fundamental Business English 2
Intermediate Business English 1
Language Structure Usage and Linguistics
Practical and Professional Writing 4
Practical and Professional Writing 4 rep (pt)
Principles of Education
Sri Lankan Literature
Vocabulary Development 4
Information Technology
2016 Second Semester 1 Data Communications and Networks
Data Structures and Algorithms
Graphics and Multimedia
Object Oriented Programming
PC Maintenance
Statistics for IT
System Analysis and Design
2016 Second Semester 2 Advanced Database Management System
Data Communication and Network 2
Enterprise Information Security
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Operating Systems and Computer Security
Principles of Management
Principles of Software Engineering
Project Management
Rapid Application Development
2016 Second Semester 1 Business Law
Business Economics
Cost and Management Accounting
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
Introduction to Information Technology
Legal Environment for Business Organizations
2 Analyzing Consumer Behavior for Specific Markets
Ensuring a Safe Work Place
Implementing and Monitoring Marketing Activities
Managing Industrial Relations
Managing Organizational Change
Managing Project
Reward Management
Teamwork and Diversity Management
3 Evaluating and Managing International Marketing Programs
Managing a Small Business
Managing International HRM Policies and Process
Business Administration
2016 Second Semester 1 Business Law
Managerial Accounting
2 Banking and Insurance
Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Human Resource Management
Management of Technology for Business
Project Management
2016 Second Semester 1 Fruit Product
Agriculture Extension Education
Agriculture Implements and Machines
Basic Mathematics and Statistics
Crop Production Technologies Other Field Crops
Pests of Crops and Their Management
Principles of Horticulture
Ruminant Animal Production Cattle
Surveying and Land Development
Vegetable Production
2016 Second Semester 2 Agricultural Product Quality Maintenance
Agriculture Marketing
Animal Feed Technology
Applied Agribusiness
Building Construction and Farm Electrification
Energy and Waste Management
Engineering Drawing
Field Experimentation and Design
Food Processing and Preservation
Goat Rabbit Production
Human Resource Management
Integrated Farming Systems and Agroforestry
Landscaping and Turf Management
Manufacturing Technology
Personality and Career Development
Principles of biotechnology
Project Proposal Formulation and Reporting
Protected Agriculture and Floriculture